Manufacturing is a top industry in Northeast Ohio. So, what's the problem?

Cuyahoga County has more than 1,800 manufacturing companies, an industry sector that employs over 270,000 people and drives almost half of the economy in the region. Manufacturing has a deep history in Northeast Ohio and continues to thrive. In a recent survey of manufacturers, 69% of respondents documented 5% growth or more. We continue to have regional, state, and national recognition for manufacturing companies’ successes in innovation, growth, and culture.

However, there's a top issue that continues to hamper manufacturers' growth: attracting new, skilled workers.


86% of manufacturers reported difficulty attracting qualified candidates. 
60% say an inability to attract new skilled workers is hindering growth. 
Other forces such as retirements, legislation, and wage pressures from other industries will only put more pressure on the ability to identify, recruit, and train skilled workers into manufacturing career paths.


The solution? A sector partnership. 

Deep research and national, cross-industry workforce development consultation support the concept of a sector partnership.  Sector partnerships that have a solid, practical application to the talent gap problems we are facing in Northeast Ohio.

A sector partnership is a dynamic collaboration of a regional group of employers, typically from a particular industry sector or sub-sector, who convene regularly with relevant providers of education, training, and other support services, and with the support of an intermediary focus on strategies for responding to their common workforce issues and needs.


The Manufacturing Sector Partnership Vision

The vision developed for the manufacturing sector partnership is:

The manufacturing sector in Cuyahoga County will be a
growth engine
for the people and economy of Northeast Ohio
by becoming the
manufacturing education capital
of the U.S., and by investing to unlock an
abundance of diverse, skilled people
that will access, thrive in, and
love their careers
in manufacturing.

The three initial strategies that the manufacturing leaders have initially selected to move swiftly toward this vision are:

1. Fill existing training programs to 100% utilization

2. Innovative on-ramps for people historically under-represented in manufacturing

3. Opportunistic Advocacy

The action teams doing the work within these strategies are focused on:

• Engaging In-School Youth
• Incumbent Worker Upskilling
• Ohio To Work
• ACCESS to Mfg Careers (Re-Entry)
• ACCESS to Mfg Careers (Young-Adult)
• Equity & Inclusion Scholarship (Engineering)
• Communication & Advocacy


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A foundation of many helping hands.

IM体育足球下载 and Greater Cleveland Partnership, as the intermediaries for this sector partnership, are working diligently to deploy the core processes, recruit key leaders, and effectively facilitate the development of the needed solutions and activities to drive change and impact in the manufacturing community.

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