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Manufacturing Leadership

A sector partnership is a dynamic collaboration between regional employers who convene regularly to strategize around common issues and needs with the support of an intermediary. The Workforce Connect Manufacturing Sector Partnership is supported by:


We've brought together top talent and leaders like manufacturers, workforce development professionals, community leaders and members, and more to make this manufacturing sector partnership possible. Learn who has helped turn this vision into a reality below.  

Manufacturing Leadership

One of the keys to success in sector partnerships is that the industry's strategy, priorities, and actions are owned and driven. Therefore, one of the top priorities for the Workforce Connect Manufacturing Sector Partnership is to recruit, engage, and maintain a high-functioning Manufacturing Leadership Team.

The Manufacturing Leadership Team comprises executives from a diverse range of manufacturing companies in Northeast Ohio. We are proud to have such an exemplary group of leaders from exceptional manufacturing organizations stepping up to champion this effort and lead the community in solving some complex, yet critical problems:

The responsibilities, as Manufacturing Leadership team members, are to:

  • Represent the collective needs of the manufacturing community
  • Understand the capabilities of our current and potential workforce development systems
  • Determine the most critical opportunities
  • Personally champion priorities
  • Lead the action teams

Action Teams:  These are tactical teams of service providers, manufacturing champions, and community partners that will work directly on specific priorities/solutions that the Manufacturing Leadership Team determines most critical.

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Operations Leadership

Northeast Ohio has a broad collection of public, private, and non-profit organizations whose missions focus on the identification, preparation, and support of individuals seeking to join and succeed in the workplace.

Our operations leadership team is a collection of key leaders in the Cuyahoga County workforce development ecosystem that have stepped forward to support our manufacturers in the development of the strategy, priorities, and solutions by doing the following:

  • Contribute experience
  • Provide context and data on state of the labor market, barriers, etc.
  • Develop the frameworks to operationalize priorities
  • Provide guidance and resources to support Action Team solutions

Meet the Facilitators

In December of 2018, the Workforce Funders Group completed a selection process to identify the intermediary for the manufacturing sector partnership. IM体育足球下载 and Greater Cleveland Partnership were selected to work together to fill this role.

The role of the intermediary team centers around:

  • Facilitation of the process, meetings, and activities
  • Ensuring manufacturers own and lead the process
  • Maintaining transparency in outcomes and in issues
  • Creating processes and structure to drive efficient use of participants’ time
  • Driving collaboration across and between each segment
  • Leading the education between stakeholders
  • Communication, coordination, and administration of the partnership functions


The Intermediary team is made up of the following professionals:


Mike Glavin

Senior Director, Business Workforce Engagement, Greater Cleveland Partnership


Ethan Karp

CEO, IM体育足球下载


Shana Marbury headshot

Shana Marbury

General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Education and Workforce, Greater Cleveland Partnership

Debbi Perkul

Executive Director, Workforce Partnerships, IM体育足球下载

Adam Snyder

Managing Director, Sector Partnership, IM体育足球下载
Christopher B Nance GCP Commission 2017

Christopher B. Nance

Director, Construction Diversity & Inclusion, Greater Cleveland Partnership

Workforce Funders Group

The Workforce Funders Group is comprised of: City of Cleveland, Cleveland/Cuyahoga Workforce Development Board, The Cleveland Foundation, Cuyahoga County, Deaconess Foundation, Fund for Our Economic Future, The George Gund Foundation, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Team NEO, and United Way of Greater Cleveland.

The Workforce Funders Group supports the Manufacturing Sector Partnership by addressing two pressing economic issues: a critical shortage of manufacturing talent for employers and clear and actionable career pathways with family-sustaining wages for job seekers.

The Manufacturing Sector Partnership is the first of three sector partnerships that the group is initiating, with Healthcare and IT sectors following, respectively.

OMA logo

Ohio Manufacturers' Association

As Ohio's only statewide coalition of manufacturers and a powerful voice to our elected officials about the needs and desires of the manufacturing industry, Ohio Manufacturer's Association (OMA) has worked with manufacturers and their partners across the state to create a network of sector partnerships and to help establish partnerships where none exists.  This includes providing major guidance, strategy and support to this Manufacturing Sector Partnership. Through OMA’s efforts, the network of sector partnerships is becoming a collective voice for—and system of—the manufacturing industry’s workforce development priorities and solutions.

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