The issue: Lack of talent is hampering manufacturing company growth in Northeast Ohio. Manufacturing drives 50% of Northeast Ohio’s economy,

Manufacturing is booming in Northeast Ohio and beyond and shows no signs of slowing. In fact, a survey showed that nearly 70% of local Northeast Ohio manufacturers documented growth of 5% or more in 2018.  However, no growing industry is immune to growing pains. Especially not when it comes to the lifeblood of an organization: its employees. 

Manufacturers face major obstacles to getting the talent to grow and sustain their businesses including:

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Talent Gap

Manufacturers face a talent gap as an aging workforce is growing and retiring. Many companies report 30% of their workforce will retire within 5 years.

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Attracting Candidates

More than 80% of manufacturers report that it's difficult to attract needed, qualified candidates.

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Outside Forces

Manufacturers face other challenges including legislation and wage pressures from other industries.

The solution: Manufacturers + community work together to set goals and strategy that align resources, people, organizations, government, and manufacturers around common strategies. Together, we can make changes to our system that no one group can do alone.

See below how the concept of Sector Partnership is a community solution unlike any others.

Why do we need a new approach?

The Manufacturing Sector Partnership was created to help support the Northeast Ohio manufacturing industry— one of the region's largest industries, home to 1,800+ companies and 270,000+ jobs. But, even with steady growth, manufacturers are facing unique challenges. Learn about the growing manufacturing challenges and  why the sector partnership is a solution.

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Who is involved already?

The Manufacturing Sector Partnership is supported by top manufacturing executives, workforce development professionals, and community leaders. Learn about the professionals who have come together to better support the regional manufacturing industry. 

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