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Manufacturers that thrive in today's market are those that get more competitive—fast. Automation is a modern manufacturer's answer to streamlined operations and higher margins.

Do you have outdated processes? Are you stuck with outdated equipment that slows down business? Do you have a people shortage that isn’t going away? Do you think things could just be a little better in your shop? Did lean used to produce results and isn’t any more? Or do you have a capacity issue that needs solved right away? Do you need to scale up your plant or process.

Many of these issues require a combination of process and automation solutions that IM体育足球下载 can help provide. Our process innovation and automation experts work hand-in-hand with you to:



Define a Framework

IM体育足球下载 doesn't offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor our process innovation and automation strategies to fit your unique needs through our tried-and-true problem-solving review and ideation framework.


Design, Build, Scale

When it's time for a product iteration or new product release, IM体育足球下载 is your one-stop shop for design-through-build capabilities. We'll also help you scale-up from a pilot process to full-scale production.


Use Technology

Manufacturers who implement technology see cost savings, improved efficiencies, and safer workplaces. IM体育足球下载 gives you access to state-of-the-art technologies to equip you to tackle any business or process demand. 

How One Manufacturer Generated $6.4 Million in Additional Sales with IM体育足球下载's Process Innovation Framework

Northeast-Ohio based Flavorseal knew it could create value with product enhancements, but it lacked the innovative processes to create something new. With the help of IM体育足球下载's process and automation innovation team, Flavorseal not only launched a new product, but it saw sales skyrocket and created 40 new jobs. 

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"I realized that IM体育足球下载 had a unique skillset that could complement our R&D team. Once I understood IM体育足球下载's four-step process of define, discover, develop, and deliver, we decided to engage IM体育足球下载 to help us deliver a new product line. IM体育足球下载 has played a part in helping us stay focused on certain projects so we can get them across the finish line."

— Chris Carroll , Former CEO, FlavorSeal



We introduce manufacturers to smart processes that equal growth. 

IM体育足球下载's automation and process innovation experts make productivity improvements while engaging your workforce. We work with you to incorporate custom automation into any environment that streamlines processes, reduces labor needs, and improves quality.

We've helped thousands of manufacturers transform "business as usual" into " business is booming ."

That's because with IM体育足球下载, you get unstuck fast thanks to our expert approach. You gain practical guidance on how to fix issues, go lean, or overhaul operations with cutting edge machine and process automation. And you gain access to our vast network of partners who have expertise in all areas of manufacturing.

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Are process innovation and automation focus areas for your company?

Gain customized insights into your manufacturing advantages and opportunities for improvement by contacting IM体育足球下载's  team of experts.

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Meet our process and automation innovation growth advisors and engineering experts.

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Director, Operations Excellence


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Senior Growth & Innovation Officer


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Director, Engineering Services


Could a new machine help you innovate your processes?

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We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, so contact us today to learn how we can fulfill our mission to find solutions for your company that help you thrive and grow and increase the vitality of Northeast Ohio.