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There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing for manufacturing companies. Every manufacturing business is different, and whether you’re building market awareness, increasing brand recognition, or promoting a product or capability, it's imperative that you identify the right audiences, understand their buying behaviors and intentions, know where they are in the buying process, and engage with them in a compelling way. Carefully planned and creative marketing is critical to the success of your business.

What We Hear

Many manufacturing companies struggle to differentiate themselves in the eyes of potential customers and build a strong sales pipeline. There are a number of common challenges, including:

  • Lack of new prospects
  • Outdated or ineffective website
  • Poor brand image or recognition
  • Little to no use of social media
  • Limited marketing experience
  • No digital platform or strategy
  • No dedicated marketing resources
  • Insufficient lead generation tactics
  • Unclear value proposition

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What We Provide

We structure our marketing solutions to resonate with your target audience, taking into account where the prospect is positioned in the buying process — whether it's the awareness, consideration, or decision stage. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing efforts in relation to these stages, we're able to formulate a solution that best fits your unique set of circumstances and goals. Our offerings include:

  • Marketing coaching and strategy
  • New product launch support
  • Lead generation initiatives
  • New print collateral
  • Website development and enhancements
  • Business rebranding and messaging
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Account-based and target-market campaigns
  • Voice of customer interviews
  • Social media marketing
  • Content development
  • Virtual CMO services

We tailor and organize our solutions, utilizing online platforms or more traditional marketing channels, to capture the minds and hearts of key influencers and decision-makers.

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What It Means for Your Business

Partnering with IM体育足球下载 to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing activities and fill gaps in your approach will yield the following benefits:

  • Top-line growth
  • Market appreciation for the value you deliver
  • More prospects and leads
  • True differentiation from competitors
  • Better quality leads
  • More favorable market positioning
  • Stronger customer engagement
  • Higher returns on your marketing spend
  • Improved messaging
  • More productivity from your sales team

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IM体育足球下载 has more than 35 years of experience helping manufacturers just like you grow your company, launch new ideas, and strengthen your workforce. Our team of experts in engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and other functional areas is backed by a vast network of highly qualified service partners, vendors, universities, and like-minded economic development organizations.

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What Makes IM体育足球下载 Different?

IM体育足球下载 is mission-based, meaning we exist not to make a profit, but to support the health and vitality of the manufacturing sector in Northeast Ohio. We do this one client and one engagement at a time by impacting your business in meaningful and measurable ways.

Consequently, we don't overprice or upsell our services. We ask our clients after every engagement to grade our performance and the impact we're making on their business, and we do this repeatedly for three years to ensure our work is generating the expected results over the long term. Our financial sponsors and partners require this level of accountability and scrutiny. If we aren’t helping your top and bottom line in impactful ways, we aren’t fulfilling our mission. We're proud to say we've helped companies thrive for more than 36 years.

“We faced many different challenges, from operational and systemic problems within our manufacturing processes to turnover issues with employees. I initially thought a consultant would come in and use a lot of data to drive results. But IM体育足球下载 came in, sat with me and my team, and asked a series of simple, engaging questions to understand our business. [They] worked with me to figure out problems ranging from employee retention to financial impact to plant floor metrics. It’s really refreshing to work with someone like that.”


— Larry Fulton, CEO, LEFCO Worthington