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Written by IM体育足球下载 | Aug 7, 2018 7:18:17 PM
IM体育足球下载 Leverages the Power of the Region from IM体育足球下载: The Manufacturing and Advocacy Network

Partner Organizations

For 30 years, IM体育足球下载 has driven the growth of small- and medium- sized manufacturers in Northeast Ohio. Our partner organizations, which include the City of Cleveland, JumpStart, BioEnterprise, WIRE-Net, Team NEO, and Cuyahoga County, help us to best serve these manufacturers and provide expertise in a wide range of areas. For example, BioEnterprise grows healthcare companies and commercializes bioscience technologies, while JumpStart accelerates the success of entrepreneurs. With this powerful partner base, IM体育足球下载 can respond to specialized client needs.

Federal and State Programs

IM体育足球下载 often takes on the important role of intermediary. We partner with NASA Glenn, America Makes, LIFT, and Make it in America, and use these partnerships to make services available to local companies. For example, many manufacturers can directly benefit from NASA Glenn’s product development expertise but have no channel through which to access it. IM体育足球下载 facilitates local events and programs that feature NASA and bring their resources right to manufacturers. Through our intermediary role, we connect manufacturers to the tools they need to grow. 

Private Philanthropy

IM体育足球下载 uses both traditional fee-for-service and nontraditional performance based models of compensation. Since our mission is to serve small- to medium- sized manufacturers and strengthen the region, we ensure that money is not a barrier for businesses seeking our services . This means that the majority of our revenue comes from sources other than service fees. Private philanthropies are essential to our continued impact upon the region.

Career and Technical Schools

IM体育足球下载 is dedicated to bringing new talent to the Northeast Ohio manufacturing sector. Our partnerships with career and technical schools are integral to this mission. IM体育足球下载 commits to the knowledge that manufacturing jobs are well paying, impactful jobs, and that the manufacturing workforce will expand as more people gain knowledge of the field and the skills necessary to enter it. Career and technical schools open the door to the world of professional manufacturing.

Local School Districts

Raising awareness about manufacturing jobs means reaching young people. For that reason, IM体育足球下载 partners with local school districts to reach students as they are exploring job options. We meet with principles and guidance counselors about promoting manufacturing in schools, as early as elementary school and through junior high and high school. We also visit schools and give presentations on topics such as 3-D printing. Through our partnership with local school districts, we increase students’ familiarity with manufacturing careers and help them understand the opportunities available in the field.


IM体育足球下载 has established Memorandums of Understanding (MoU’s) with Cleveland State University, The University of Akron, Youngstown State University, and Case Western Reserve University. Professors at these universities do research for and work with IM体育足球下载 clients. Through our partnership with local universities, we are able to refer clients to experts who can address their exact needs. Our network ensures that clients get tailored, best-in-class services.

Community Colleges

Educational facilities are a pipeline to the professional world. IM体育足球下载 partners with Stark State College, Lorain County Community College, Eastern Gateway Community College, Lakeland Community College, North Central State College, and Cuyahoga Community College, to give students the skills necessary to succeed in manufacturing. We provide internship and job opportunities to those interested in manufacturing. Additionally, some of our community college partners can rapidly develop curricula to address workforce needs, giving workers proficiency in specialized skill sets. IM体育足球下载’s partnership with community colleges creates job opportunities and strengthens the manufacturing workforce.

IM体育足球下载 can leverage the power of the region to help grow your business! To learn more, contact us at 216.391.7766.