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Celebrate the New Manufacturing Innovation, Technology & Job Center 10/28

Tuesday, 30 August, 2022

General , Leadership , Growth , Manufacturing , Education & Workforce Professionals

The Manufacturing Innovation, Technology and Job Center is on a t-minus countdown, as our grand opening celebrations are in less than two months! On October 28, the doors of our new headquarters at...
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Sector Partnership Leadership Transition

Friday, 1 July, 2022

Leadership , Talent Pipeline , Education & Workforce Professionals , News Release

The Manufacturing Sector Partnership (MSP) welcomes its new leadership team this month as its founding directors have moved on. Managing Director Adam Snyder and Executive Director of Workforce...
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Manufacturers Learn and Grow on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Wednesday, 29 June, 2022

Leadership , Education & Workforce Professionals , Strategy

For the past two years,  the Manufacturing Leadership Team has been working together with IM体育足球下载’s and Greater Cleveland Partnership’s (GCP) intermediary teams to grow and invest in diversity, equity...
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Workforce Connect Launches Successful Monthly Newsletter

Tuesday, 3 May, 2022

Talent Pipeline , Education & Workforce Professionals , Partners

Our talent development team has worked hard to become a source of thought leadership, action and connection for the Greater Cleveland area.   Since January, our Workforce Connect Manufacturing...
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How to Foster Student Engagement Through Local School Districts

Wednesday, 27 April, 2022

Workforce , Talent Pipeline , Education & Workforce Professionals

Manufacturers have consistently faced the same issues over the past few years: Not enough applicants Not enough qualified candidates Open/unfilled positions Lack of talent constraining growth ...
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CMSD and GCCC Partner Up to Launch Effective Student Program

Tuesday, 26 April, 2022

Manufacturing , Education & Workforce Professionals , Partners

Cuyahoga County experienced some exciting manufacturing workforce development efforts this past year. Perhaps the most exciting was the launch of the Planning and Career Exploration Program (PACE) in...
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WLS Stamping Culture Shift Improves Workforce Retention

Tuesday, 26 April, 2022

Operations , Leadership , Education & Workforce Professionals , Small Business

The hiring difficulties of the last few years have caused many manufacturers to reevaluate their operations and hiring processes, looking for any way to improve retention or gain an edge in this...
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Opening the Door to Reentry

Thursday, 31 March, 2022

Workforce , Education & Workforce Professionals

The Workforce Connect Manufacturing Sector Partnership formed in 2019. A group of regional manufacturing leaders convened and took on the tasks of helping set priorities for the intermediary team,...
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5 Tips to Jumpstart Advancement Planning for Frontline Manufacturing Employees

Thursday, 24 February, 2022

Workforce , Leadership , Certification , Growth , Education & Workforce Professionals

“I wanna know what my path looks like, and I’m in a hurry to get going…” A number of years ago, a story became a popular anecdote, with a hypothetical leader saying, “What if I invest in developing...
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Goodbye & Thank You to a Workforce Giant

Wednesday, 23 February, 2022

Workforce , Leadership , Education & Workforce Professionals , Partners

Successful industry sector partnership work hinges on a strong relationship with the local workforce development. Together, you can execute successful initiatives, and maybe, if the chemistry is...
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E.C. Kitzel Invests in Employees, Cultivates Advancement

Friday, 18 February, 2022

Workforce , Education & Workforce Professionals

Commitment from employers to employees comes in many shapes and forms. In the current job market, in the midst of the “Great Resignation," many employers struggle with how to provide employees a path...
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Custom Rubber Lifts Starting Wages, Reaps Positive Results

Wednesday, 26 January, 2022

Workforce , Growth , Education & Workforce Professionals , Small Business

Small and medium-sized manufacturers know that to attract talent they need to boost their entry level wage; but they simultaneously fear that additional labor costs will overwhelm productivity gains,...
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Partner Highlight: The Value of a Great Partner

Wednesday, 26 January, 2022

Workforce , Certification , Education & Workforce Professionals

As manufacturers have faced labor shortages in recent years, many have looked to attract populations that had been historically underrepresented in manufacturing: women, minorities and people with...
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What is a Minimum Viable Product and How Do I Create One?

How a minimum viable product will launch your product-based startup.